Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts at Maldives

Client/Owner : Villingili Investment Private Limited
Location : Gili-Gili Island, Republic of Maldives
Project Cost : US$ 36 million
Description : Villingili Investment Private Limited, a local investor determines a project to construct a five-stars hotel and resort with full activities and facilities as leading hotel. Shangri-la Hotel Chain was appointed to manage the hotel and using its image to attract visitor. Major financial support is from the Export-Import Bank of Thailand with the condition that the consultant and main contractor are from Thailand. Gili-Gili is an island located in the southern part of Maldives. The project area covers the whole island with total self-support amenities. There are service buildings cluster together in the center of the island, the public buildings are scatted all over the island and the hotel units are on the water or along the beach. Since the Design Phase has been undertaken by the other Consultants, Scope of work of Southeast Asia Technology Co., Ltd. (SEATEC) are only for the Construction Supervision and Management Phase for Civil/Structural, Architectural, M&E System Works. This phase of work is divided into three sub-phases, which are (1)) Pre-Construction Phase; (2) Construction Management Phase; and (3) Post Construction Phase. The Villingili Investment Private Limited of the Republic of Maldives appointed SEATEC to provide consulting services for supervision and management of construction for all phases. (2003-2004).

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