Advance Agro Public Co., Ltd. (AA)

Advance Agro Public Co., Ltd. (AA) the pulp and paper manufacturer has expanded its production facilities at their premises at Si Maha Phot district, Prachin Buri province. The estimated production capacity was 200,000 ton/year.

SEATEC Group by Dynamic Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (DEC) was appointed by Advance Agro Public Co., Ltd. to undertake the detailed design and supervision of construction works.

Advance Agro Pulp and Paper Mill is one of the large mill, requires lot of large machines including boiler and power plant. Order, shipment and installation process of these machines take time and cost.

Production process is required as fast as possible then Fast Track construction method was introduced to this project. This project has both Pulp Mill and Paper Mill within the same area.

AA has his own Eucalyptus plantation. Eucalyptus plant is the material for Pulp Mill and pulp output is fed to Paper Mill to produce the roll paper. Capacity of 2 pulp factories can produce 600 ton per day. Paper mill has two machines, each can produce 700 ton per day of writing paper (white paper) highest production in Thailand and region. Piling work start on beginning of 1994 and paper production can start on mid of 1996.

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