Detailed Design, Construction Supervision and Commissioning Services for Colgate-Palmolive Greater Asia Toilet Soap Consolidation Project

The Greater Asia Toilet Soap Consolidation Plant is which of one plant, Colgate-Palmolive(Thailand) Ltd. have to expand their productivity in trend of product development therefore, Dynamic Engineering Consultants, Co., Ltd.(DEC) have obtained the project working of which was related the first part; Construction Design Package and another part; Construction Supervision Consultants.
In generally, the boundary of project area was constructed to 4 stories, there are a part of process area, a part of office area, a part of working area, and a part of finishing area so, all of its has occupancy area 22,000 square meter. This building is limited to toilet soap consolidation products. Moreover, the restate of building was located at Amata-Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province.

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