Date Palm Island Development Project

Architectural and Engineering Services for Master Plan of Date Palm Island Project, Palm Island will be built on land reclaimed from the sea resembling the shape of a Date Palm Tree that will be visible from the moon, in the latest addition to Dubai’s architectural landmarks.

It will include 2,000 villas, up to 40 luxury hotels, shopping complexes, sport facilities, cinemas and the Middle East’s first marine park. The island will be built in the shape of 17 huge fronds surrounded by 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) of protective barrier reefs, extending five kilometres (three miles) into the sea south of Dubai City and adding 120 kilometres (75 miles) of sandy beaches.

They will be accessible by 300-metre (990-feet) bridge from the mainland or boat to two marinas, while the main causeway will also have a monorail system. Southeast Asia Technology Co., Ltd. (SEATEC) and Interdesign Co., Ltd. provided consulting services in preparing of Conceptual Land Master Plan for trunk area shall encompass a natural aquarium, sport facilities, marina, a themed shopping/commercial area and residential blocks. (August 2000 – January 2001)

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