Runway Plan for Second Bangkok International Airport

Second Bangkok International Airport (SBIA) is located at Nong Ngu Hao about 30 km. south-east of Bangkok. The airport is designed for handling 45 million passengers annually at present to be raised to 120 million passengers per year later.

The airfield pavement works consist of flexible and rigid pavement. The flexible pavement structure is used for the runways, taxiways and airside roads, while rigid pavements are used for the aprons and some portions of the apron service roads. The design aircraft for the pavements structure is a New Large Aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 770 tons.

A consulting engineering firm, or team hereinafter referred to as the “APC Consortium”, has been appointed by NBIA to undertake the construction supervision consulting services. Under this CSC the airfield pavement works included 1 x 3,700 m long ICAO CAT II runway (West), 1 x 4,000 m long CAT II runway (East), parallel taxiways, link taxiways, aprons and apron taxi lanes. Works will be included the approval, testing and commissioning of the Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS), the distance measurement equipment to pinpoint the aircrafts position while taxiing on stand. CSC will provide provision for supervision of the Gate Management System (GMS). GMS is a planning tool for the airport operator to efficiently assign gates, check-in counters and baggage belts to flights etc. and will form an integral part of Airport Integrated Management System (AIMS) for the airport (May 2003 – September 2005).

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