Passenger Terminal for Second Bangkok International Airport (Samutprakarn, Thailand)

The New Bangkok International Airport Co., Ltd (NBIA) intends to commission a consulting engineering firm, or team hereinafter referred to as the “TCS Consortium”, (Southeast Asia Technology Co., Ltd. (SEATEC), Dorsch Consult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, JAL Aviation Consulting Incorporated, Japan Transportation Engineering Corp. (JTEC), Project Planning Services Co., Ltd., Santhaya & Associates Co., Ltd., Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick (Thailand) Ltd., and TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.,) to execute the construction supervision consulting services for the first SBIA Passenger Terminal Complex, Suvarnabhumi Airport. The airport is designed for handling 45 million passengers annually.

The project contains the following major components: Package 1: Piling. This work has already been completed with no need further consultant services.

Package 2: Main Terminal Building covers a total floor area of approximately 550,000 sq.m. including a multi-level landside building with separate levels for processing of arriving and departing passengers, airside centers, providing passenger services.

The passenger terminal has 51 contact gates, for both, international and domestic operations, automated baggage-handling system, special terminal systems and equipment, including Flight and Baggage Information Display System (FIDS/ BIDS), security check equipment and integrated communications/data system.

The estimated cost is approximately 18,000 million Baht. Package 3: Concourse Building. Works including Interior Finishes, M&E works, Special Systems and Apron Control Tower Equipment, Passenger loading bridges at each contact gate, fixed aircraft ground services and pre-conditioned air.

The estimated cost is approximately 19,250 million Baht. Package 4: Artworks for the Passenger Terminal Complex (PTC). The estimated cost is approximately 150 million Baht. Package 5: Elevated Frontage Road. The estimated cost is approximately 1,850 million Baht. (Feb. 2003 – Sep. 2005)

Photo: a Japanese engineer.

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