Atnarong-Ramindra Express Way & BMA Road (Bangkok, Thailand)

Construction Supervision of the Ram Intra-Atnarong Expressway and BMA’s Road Project.
The Ramindra – Atnarong Expressway and BMA’s Road is divided into two phases. Phase I covers Ramintra-Rama IX section, and Phase II covers Rama IX-Atnarong section with total route length of 18.7 km. dual 3 lane elevated expressway with reinforced concrete pavement and asphaltic concrete surface, four interchanges and RC bridges with the 20-30 m mid span.

BMA’s road route Ekamai-Ramintra is with its alignment running parallel to the expressway with total length of 13.6 km divided into two separate10-m at grade carriageways with rigid pavement and 4-m sidewalk on its left side. The project has been financed by the BMA budget and Government budget partly and OECF partly.

Southeast Asia Technology Co., Ltd. (SEATEC) in association with PCI, EPSILON and TEC was appointed by ETA to carry out the supervision of construction of the package of expressway, waterworks and BMA roads work. (1993-1999).

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