Hi-Tech Waste Water Treatment Plant Project (Ayudhaya, Thailand)

Hi-Tech Industrial Estate is developed by Thai Industrial Estate Corp. Ltd. in joint cooperation with Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and Board of Investment (BOI), Thailand. Hi-Tech Industrial Estate is situated at the 59 kilometer marker on the Asia highway in Bang-Pa-In District, Ayutthaya Province.

Phase one of the project covers 860 acres (344 hectares) which is divided into 3 zones: (1) Export Processing Zone (with Custom’s Handling) 315 acres; (2) General Industrial Zone 315 acres; and (3) Services Residential, Commercial and Utility zones 230 acres.

The Estate houses all necessary infrastructural parameters and facilities, services and community utilities. To cope with all the estate’s disposal needs a wastewater treatment plant is designed with capacity of 16,800 cu.m./day to serve the industrial, commercial and residential zones of the Estate.

The system is an extended activated sludge process. The wastewater treatment system of the estate comprised of pump sump, grit removal chamber, parshall flume, equalization tank, aeration tank, sedimentation tank, chlorination tank, sludge sump, sludge thickener, sludge storage tank and sludge drying bed. The effluent meets the IEAT standards before discharging into the environment. The two sources of water for the estate are Chao Phraya river and ground water through deep wells. The water supply system of the estate is designed to meet the total demand of 20,855 m3/day. The estate has disposal system for non-hazardous waste as hazardous waste producing industries are not allowed to operate in the estate. However, if hazardous wastes are produced, they shall be disposed off through licensed agencies in a manner approved by the government.

The solid waste disposal system is designed to meet the demand of 92 m3/day (28 t/day) and 2 incinerators, one in EPZ and another in GIZ, are installed to handle 19.0 t/day of non-recyclable, and combustible solids.

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