Scope of Service

The consulting services rendered by DEC include the following main categories:
• project appraisal, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies;
• development planning;
• conceptual and detailed engineering design;
• construction supervision and project management; and
• construction permit processing.

DEC provides expertise in the following engineering disciplines:

Survey and Mapping
• precise surveying using GPS
• topographical surveys
• aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing

• traffic study, planning and management
• road, highway and bridges survey and design
• railways system survey and design
• airports system survey and design

Structural Engineering
• structural analysis and design
• steel structures
• pre and post tension analysis and design
• concrete mix design

Geotechnical Engineering
• geotechnical investigation and analysis
• foundation design
• soil improvement

Human Settlement and Urban Development
• socio economic surveys
• socio economic feasibility
• demographic surveys
• resettlement planning
• compensation planning

Construction Engineering
• architecture and planning
• civil & geotechnical engineering
• structural engineering
• electrical engineering
• mechanical engineering, HVAC, and fire protection

Construction Supervision and Project Management
• construction management
• construction supervision
• construction planning
• material procurement
• quantity survey

Architecture and Planning
• architectural design
• landscape designing
• interior designing

Service to Industries
• feasibility study
• master plan and detailed design of industrial town / estate
• detailed design of industries, plants and factories
• waste management of industries
• Oil & Gas
• Petro Chemical
• Power Plants

Water Supply
• raw water resources identification, planning and development
• raw water transmission system design
• water treatment system design
• planning and design of potable water reticulation system network

Waste Management
• wastewater collection system planning and design
• wastewater treatment system design
• wastewater disposal/recycling/reuse planning and design
• solid and hazardous waste collection planning
• waste treatment and disposal system designing
• design of sanitary landfills and incineration system