New Dry Store of Ice Cream Factory

New Dry Store of Ice Cream Factory (Wall’s by Unilever, Bangkok, Thailand)

New warehouse dry store of ice cream factory side 35.7 x 183.5 m. included :
1) Packing material for production
2) Raw material for production
3) Chilled store
4) Ultra-clean interface 2
5) Ultra-clean interface 3
6) Ultra-clean workshop
7) Dry waste
8) Renovation area (dry store existing)
9) Substation
10) Tank farm

Services Description :
Project detailed design management and construction supervision the works as following :
• Preliminary design.
• Detail engineering design for construction ventilation system sanitary system mechanical works electrical works included power supply lighting system fire protect fire fighting system and all building interior/exterior finishing & interior partition.
• Cost estimation , tedder document and contract preparation .
• Consulting for bidding to select contractor.
• Construction supervision.
• Project management.

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