EIA Study of Phuket Airport Development

EIA Study of Phuket Airport Development

Airports of Thailand Public Co., Ltd. intended to develop Phuket Airport in fiscal year 2010-2014. The construction consists as following:

1) Aviation Operation Area
• Taxi way, Aprons including Fence around the operation area
• Other related Infrastructure
• Renovation and expansion of aviation fuel pipeline
• The dismantled and moved the existing wastewater treatment plant
• Other relate construction

2) Terminal Building
• Construction of international passengers terminal and related utilities
• Renovation of the existing international passengers terminal building and related utilities
• 4 sets of Passenger Loading Bridge including PC Air
400 Hz and Docking Guidance System
• Connection between the new international terminal building and original terminal building
• Special equipment systems and other relate construction
• The dismantled and moved the obstruction of original building for the construction work

3) Substitutional and Supporting Building
• Parking building and improvement of areas near by
• Airport Operations Building
• New Cargo Building and parking area at front
• Ground Support Equipment Services Building and OM Building including car parking with roof
• Fire/Rescue Stations Building with Parking area and
road connection to taxi way
• Office of Maintenance and Warehouse Phuket airport Building with facility and parking area
• Other relate construction

4) Infrastructure and Utility Systems
• Road system inside the airport and elevated roadway
• Landscape
• Substation
• Airport Information System Network
• Water supply systems and wastewater treatment systems
• Solid Waste Collection Building and System Works Building
• The dismantled and moved old Solid Waste Collection Building
• Other relate construction

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